Pixel monthly security updates for July are now available

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01. jul Pixel monthly security updates for July are now available

It's the first Monday of the month, and that means the latest Pixel security patches are here.

In addition to the general security fixes we usually anticipate — and which make Pixel ownership so great for the security-conscious — this month comes with a small pile of Pixel-specific functional patches, too, including further improvements to "OK Google" hotword detection (following last month's), fixes for issues ranging from "stuck" boot to black screens, and other tweaks.

It isn't clear if the hotword detection improvements in this update are the same as those included in last month's update, since some of the same devices are included, but the mention of music detection makes it seem like either a separate or additional fix upon that made previously. Other Pixel-specific updates for July include improvements to the Titan M security module and other fixes, as well as Unicode Japanese improvements.

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