Play Store is testing a better wishlist button

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22. apr Play Store is testing a better wishlist button

On any given day, there are at least a dozen variations of the Play Store interface showing up for users across the world.

Even on the same device, with the same account, and without any update, the Store might flip from one look to the other in a few seconds without warning. Most recently, simultaneous downloads showed up, but today we're talking about a more minor change, but one that's neat nonetheless: a more reachable wishlist button.

Before the all-white layout for app listings began rolling out, you may recall the wishlist icon showed up next to the app's title. It was thus easy to save an app or game for later, either because it may still be buggy or because you don't need it right away. With the colorless white app listing UI, the wishlist icon was taken off the main page and moved under the overflow menu on the top right.

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