Samsung releases AR-based Quick Measure app

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20. apr Samsung releases AR-based Quick Measure app

Augmented Reality can serve many purposes: It can help you find your way easily or immerse yourself in Harry Potter's world.

Another use for AR is to measure objects around you by simply pointing your phone at them. Google has already developed an AR-based ruler app, which needs to detect flat surfaces to estimate their size. While the concept is appealing, the software is approximate and often fails to identify objects you want to measure. As usual, Samsung wanted to build its own application, which seems to be more accurate than Google's.

This makes sense, though, as the Korean company's app uses a time of flight sensor for its calculations. The only drawback here is that out of all current Samsung phones, only the Galaxy S10 5G has a such a sensor, making the app exclusive to the device, at least for the time being.

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