Spotify made the worst icon for Android

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14. apr Spotify made the worst icon for Android

It's been two years since Android O introduced adaptive icons, and many apps and developers have yet to get with the program.

You look at your homescreen and app drawer and realize that even though you're using a circular or square or teardrop mask, some apps keep whatever icon shape they wanted. Until recently, Spotify was one of those. Now the app is rolling out an adaptive icon and it's... exactly what we don't want.

Spotify has the kind of logo that lends itself well to any icon mask. All the developers had to do is keep everything green, no matter the shape, and those three signature black arcs in the middle. Kind of like WhatsApp does with its icon, or Google Keep, Duo, Messages, or even Instagram, Pocket Casts, Pushbullet, and many others, by using their differentiating color as the background and keeping their logo in the middle.

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