HTC may resort to licensing its brand name

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04. march HTC may resort to licensing its brand name

Things have not been going well for HTC as it continues to hemorrhage money quarter after quarter.

Its decision to sell off its Pixel division to Google didn't do anything to staunch the bleeding; it's just more blood to run through the sieve. Now, HTC is considering a bold strategy, according to a new report. The smartphone maker may simply license its name to other smartphone manufacturers.

HTC is allegedly in talks with Micromax, Lava, and Karbonn about licensing its name for new phones in India. That's one of the largest growth markets for smartphones, but HTC was unable to compete and pulled out of India last year. Currently, it sells a few older models on Amazon and Flipkart, but no one is buying. Local manufacturers move a ton of units, and budget-oriented Chinese firms like Xiaomi and OnePlus have picked up huge market shares.

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