Huawei P30 Pro raises more questions than answers

Tech News   |   02/27/2019 - 1:23am   |   by A.Rider   |   72
27. feb Huawei P30 Pro raises more questions than answers

Sometimes, opening a closed door can result in a fortuitous encounter.

While looking for a demo room at a Huawei event during Mobile World Congress, we entered a room expecting to find laptops, and instead found a different device: The Huawei P30 Pro. That’s right, the next flagship Huawei smartphone, which will be revealed at a special Huawei event on March 26 in Paris, France.

Closing the door behind us, we were invited to hold and photograph the phone. However, rather than getting our hands on with a working model, we saw a non-operational prototype which we were told was almost completely final, in terms of the way it looks.

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