Samsung using ultrasonic tech for the Galaxy S10

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21. feb Samsung using ultrasonic tech for the Galaxy S10

Samsung has just announced its latest super-duper flagship phone, and among the new features it boasts is the world's first commercial ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

We've seen other in-display scanners on phones from the likes of OnePlus and Huawei, but they use optical technology instead. This new ultrasonic method is supposed to be better in more ways than one — let's take a look at why.

Most importantly, according to Qualcomm, its 3D Sonic Sensor is more secure than existing 2D optical scanners. It uses sound waves to create a 3D map of the valleys and ridges that make up a fingerprint, while also being able to detect blood flow, and this prevents the system from being spoofed with an image or 3D model.

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