22. sept Almost half of Americans were excited by the iPhone launch, 25% were underwhelmed

Almost half of Americans were excited by the iPhone launch, 25% were underwhelmed

Tech News   |   09/22/2018 - 11:46am   |   by A.Rider   |   87

It wasn’t all good news for Apple...

A Harris poll into reactions to this year’s iPhones found that almost half of Americans were impressed by the new iPhone lineup. Some 26% described it as ‘exciting’ while a further 22% found it ‘innovative.’

It wasn’t all good news for Apple, however …

A quarter of Americans had negative reactions to the launch. The poll reveals that 9% found it boring, a further 9% underwhelming, 5% confusing and 2% disappointing.

The largest single group of respondents, at 28%, said that the launch was ‘as expected,’ indicating that Apple had failed to pull any notable surprises out of the hat this year.

Th poll found there was some sticker-shock. When those planning to upgrade their phone this year were informed or reminded of the price, there was a marked reduction in the number who said they were likely to buy the iPhone XS. For both the iPhone XS and the XS Max, there was an 11% reduction in those who said they still planned to buy.

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