12. jun Using Apple Pay Cash precisely can make you appear petty, shows university study

Using Apple Pay Cash precisely can make you appear petty, shows university study

Tech News           06/12/2018 - 3:51pm           by A.Rider           121

Apple Pay Cash and similar peer-to-peer payment apps offer a convenient way to settle-up with friends and family for things like shared meals, but a university study suggests you may want to be a little careful in how you use them …

The study, carried out jointly at the University of Virginia, Columbia Business School and Harvard Business School looked at how people felt about those who pay an exact amount when settling-up with friends and family members.

When casual debts are settled in cash, people normally opt to round to the nearest dollar rather than mess around with change, for example handing over $20 whether the amount owed is $19.96 or $20.06. Some may err on the side of caution by always rounding up, so paying $21 for that $20.06 share of the bill.

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