19. may How to supercharge your iPhone in 5 minutes

How to supercharge your iPhone in 5 minutes

Apple tips and tricks           05/19/2017 - 1:23am           by UA           665

Starting with the iPhone 6, you are now able to charge it from 0 to 100% almost twice as fast. Here's how you can do it.




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24. nov

iPhone X telephoto lens requires less than a quarter of the light of the iPhone 7 Plus


A low-light test of the telephoto lens in the iPhone X has revealed that it works in a quarter of the light needed by the iPhone 7 Plus.

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23. nov

Foxconn says it ‘immediately’ ended illegal overtime by students on iPhone X production line

Tech News

Foxconn said it took ‘immediate action’ to end the illegal hours being worked by high school students on the iPhone X production line.

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01. oct

Apple TV

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Apple's fourth-generation Apple TV will be available in late October.

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29. sept

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