12. may iPhone SE 2 render with iPhone X-style display now shown off from all sides, according to case maker

iPhone SE 2 render with iPhone X-style display now shown off from all sides, according to case maker

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Yesterday we saw case manufacturer Olixar and retailer MobileFun start accepting pre-orders for an iPhone SE 2 screen protector that shows off an iPhone X-style bezel-less display.

Today the first case has also been listed for the yet to be announced iPhone with new renders.

As we reported yesterday, we’re treating this screen protector with skepticism as it would be unlikely for Apple to add a flagship feature like a bezel-less display and Face ID to its budget iPhone. Also, the notch in the schematics that Olixar shared features very angular lines, while the iPhone X has a smooth, refined design.

Regardless, Olixar seems committed with its screen protector and today its FlexiShield iPhone SE 2018 case officially up for pre-order in four colors. The listing shows a new render of the alleged iPhone SE 2 with what looks like a glass back and seemingly larger camera.

For what it’s worth, the back design shown here has a greater likelihood of being accurate compared with the bezel-less, Home button-less design shown for the front.

Source: 9to5mac

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