The Magic Mouse has a huge design flaw. How should Apple fix it?

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01. jul The Magic Mouse has a huge design flaw. How should Apple fix it?

The charging port of the mouse quickly became the target of many sceptics, haters and memes, but with these tips, Apple could fix its product once and for all.

Apple’s Magic Mouse is both beautiful and clever in its functionality. But there’s one Magic Mouse problem so obvious and annoying, it’s become universally mocked: you can’t use the mouse while charging it.

There are five possible solutions to this …

Wired port at the front

The obvious one, of course, is to put the charging point at the front of the mouse. In that way, you can just plug in a charging cable and continue to use it exactly as you would a wired mouse.

It’s widely assumed the reason Apple didn’t do this is because Jony Ive prioritized aesthetics over functionality, and didn’t want a visible port spoiling the clean lines of the mouse.

Wireless charging pad

Another solution would be a wireless charging pad the same size as the mouse. Simply put your mouse on it when not in use, and it would be topped-up.

There used to be a third-party solution for this, where you fit a battery-pack with a built-in inductive charging loop. Another product from the same company offered a pack that worked with the Magic Keyboard or Magic Trackpad too. Neither product appears to be available today, however.

Magic Mouse wireless charging pad


Wireless charging mouse mat

A third solution was suggested by Business Insider’s Dave Smith.

A great solution would be to build a mouse pad that wirelessly charges the mouse. For example, I have Logitech’s wireless G903 gaming mouse and the Logitech G Power Play wireless charging mat, which keeps the mouse charged at all times. I never have to think about it.

This is a neat approach, the mouse being continuously charged whether or not you’re using it.

An Apple charging mat would likely be white instead of black, to match the mouse, but not everyone likes to use a mouse mat. Some prefer their desk to look as minimalist as the mouse.



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