30. nov Made on iPad: Creative workflows and insights offered by professionals

Made on iPad: Creative workflows and insights offered by professionals

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The new iPad Pro has ignited conversations about the future of computing and new possibilities for creative work.

Paired with a second-generation Apple Pencil, the hardware unlocks potential that has driven many professionals to re-evaluate how iPads best fit in their lives. From digital illustration to managing a business, the vast range of ways people are working on iPads proves there’s no one right way or wrong way to use them. Some have embraced iOS as their platform of choice for every task. Some use a Mac and an iPad in concert to create powerful workflows that highlight the capabilities of each device. Others are developing entirely new ways of working that simply couldn’t exist before.

At the center of all these workflows is a desire to push the bounds of technology and achieve a more portable, powerful, and satisfying working experience. When the tools fit the job, your mind can focus on what matters most.


iPad creative workflowsWholly by Mark Leichliter

Mark Leichliter spent 25 years crafting metal artwork for large-scale public art projects. Dissatisfied by the accumulation of clutter and significant environmental cost of creating the sculptures, Mark turned to digital artwork and the iPad, publishing his images on Emptyful Designs.

Mark’s artistic workflow is now exclusive to the iPad and involves what he calls accidental imagination. “I start with very simple vector shapes, arranging them into a composition that just ‘feels’ right,” Mark says. “Then I add filters and effects in a host of different apps, all the while establishing a kind of call-and-response interplay with what’s happening on the screen. Usually, something bubbles up randomly that sparks my imagination and I run with that idea.”

That host of apps includes Pixite’s AssemblyShift, and Union, in addition to Affinity Designer and Tinrocket’s Percolator. Each app plays an important role in polishing the finished artwork’s aesthetic.


iPad creative workflowsRue de la Liberté /1, Paris 19 by Stéphane Nahmani

Artist Stéphane Nahmani’s relationship with both an iPad and a Mac is mirrored in his illustrations of Parisian architecture, which blend together black and white drawing with digital painting to create one complete image. Stéphane sketches in WeTransfer’s Paper, an app that offers a simple interface and the desired aesthetic line quality. After sketching is complete, the drawings are sent to Photoshop on the Mac where a partial digital painting is created over the main building.

Stéphane’s illustrations of Paris will be published as a book late next year. By that time, he hopes to upgrade from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and original Apple Pencil to the newest models for an even more powerful experience.


iPad creative workflows


As a church planner and pastor, Chad Puckett has supported his writing, teaching, presenting, and traveling with an iPad Pro since the first-generation model was released in 2015. The secret has been embracing how files and tasks are “round tripped” on iOS, he says. Instead of attempting to use the iPad just like a Mac, Chad has found the iOS share sheet to be his guide to productivity.

In his own words: “I use Linea to get my thoughts out of my head and then shape them in Ulysses with research and citations filtered through Copied. If I am teaching or preaching, I will export to iBooks and present straight from there. If I need slides for a presentation, they move through some combination of Pixelmator, occasionally LumaFusion, and Keynote.

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